Mobile Sales System

A unique platform for salesmen

Mobile Sales System is a systematic solution for mobile devices primarily intended for field-based salesmen.

App Characteristics

Combining the advantages of mobile devices and the most advanced information technologies, system promotes multiple business processes related to the creation of order sheets and other types of documents, presentation of business range and collection of information from the field.

  • High-end support
    A team of engineers takes care of you and your data.
  • Online/Offline
    Documents can be created even without Internet connection.
  • ERP compatibility
    Complete eMSS solution is compatible with our ERP system.
  • Web application
    Dedicated Web application intended for the administration.


eMSS has the capacity and purpose to drastically reduce operational costs and the average time required for creating and processing of orders and other documents on the ground, and thus to increase the efficiency and billing. Salesmen receive reliable working environment, team performance grows, and informations are becoming more accessible and enter faster into processing.


Shows the status of application, as well as basic information about the user and created documents.


Pre-defined route visits to locations and tasks for each user.

New document

Creates a new document.


View and search all documents created on the device.


View and search all customers from the background system.


Shows received system notifications sent to user.


How eMSS works?

MSS extends on Eurobit ERP system, but it's also individual information system composed of thirty different modules arranged in a mobile Android application for field work and the web application for the management and supervision.
For all other ERP systems, there are REST API and automated services for data exchange, with a great level of security (SSL OAuth2, without opening the input ports to internal services).

Salesmen visit customer delivery locations daily, create orders, fill the surveys and create other records. Created orders and other documents are, via your internet connection, transmitted to a central server, which automatically creates appropriate documents for dispatch, refund, etc..

Using Android mobile app salesmen can easily:

  • Download current listing information, buyers, delivery locations, price lists, and schedules
  • Create orders, refunds, surveys, and other documents even without internet connection
  • Make quick search of items, buyers, and delivery locations by different criteria
  • Use hodograms, receive notifications, etc.

The rebate policy can be defined in a variety of ways, by item, by customer, by delivery point, by predefined pricelists, so information about different pricing policies for different customers or items does not have to be remembered, as is usually the case.